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Area and Work Program

Our Areas of Work and Partners

  • West Sumatera, in partnership with Q-bar Association
  • West Java-Banten, in partnership with RMI (Rimbawan Muda Indonesia)
  • Central Java, in partnership with LBH Semarang
  • West Kalimantan, in partnership with LBBT (Lembaga Bela Banua Talino)
  • South Sulawesi, in partnership with Wallacea
  • Central Sulawesi, in partnership with Bantaya Association

Our Program

  1. Indonesian School of Community Law Facilitators (Sekolah PHR Indonesia) provides a systematic strategy for development and recruitment models of Community Law Facilitators (Pendamping Hukum Rakyat/PHR) aimed at increasing the number of Community Law Facilitators and the quality of community organisation, facilitation of legal training, legal drafting, conflict resolution and policy advocacy.
  2. Community Initiative-Based Conflict Resolution aims to create a mechanism for conflict resolution in natural resource conflicts that are institutionalised, effective and supported by indigenous peoples and local communities.
  3. Data and Information Center aims to be a center for empirical data, information and knowledge development, in the form of a database system, HuMaWin, which is an accessible website, through the use of other creative media in collaboration with our partners and other parties.
  4. Institutional Development aiming to make HuMa a professional, competent, independent, and influential organisation with adequate capacity to support social movements and law reform.

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