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Soil is a vital casino online element in the life of nation and state, as well as the soil also glue the union of the whole region RI. In fact, the question of agrarian resources management / environmental quality has caused a decline, inequality dominance structure, Possession, Use and Land Utilization (P4T) and give rise to various conflicts in almost all regions of Indonesia.

Many cases result in land use conflicts and potential conflicts to arise turmoil / social insecurity. Case can not be denied land use can be an inhibitor in development programs in general, and the fulfillment of justice access to economic resources in specific communities.

“Settlement in land cases are done by the path of justice sometimes not fully able to meet people”s sense of justice because nature winch and box seat, where there are winners and the losers as well as more emphasis on formal proofs. Whereas in the case of land use are often entitled to the land community have no written evidence, “said Principal National Lands Agency (BPN) RI, Hendarman Supandji, in a seminar themed,” Land For Peace, Prosperity People and Food Security “, in Jakarta, Tuesday , 19 December 2012.

BPN confident able to solve cases by applying land use alternative methods of dispute resolution through mediation or win-win solution, with deliberation and consensus sought a solution in which all warring parties win and feel.

“In 2012 BPN RI has completed 4,291 cases of land use cases (60%) of the total 7,196 cases. Additionally, BPN Decree 11 also form a working team of 38 cases of a complete strategic and sensitive in Indonesia,” said Hendardji.

Firmly based on the spirit of reform, MPR RI then IX/MPR/2001 ID Rulings on Constitutional Renewal and Management of Natural Resources, the direction of the agrarian reform policy in place, as do a repeat study of the various laws and regulations related to the agrarian policy in the framework of synchronization between sector.

“BPN is implementing harmonization, synchronization of land use regulations, land redistribution, ordered lying land, pensertifikatan land areas throughout Indonesia. BPN also do research on the development / institutional strengthening land use through an arrangement with the Law,” he said.

BPN confident capable of maintaining inventory data collection and registration of land use through domination, possession, use, and land use in a comprehensive and systematic. In the framework of the implementation of land reform. Resolve conflicts with respect to agrarian resources, while also being able to anticipate the potential for conflict in the future.

“BPN want to run setup again domination, possession, use, and land use (land reforms) a righteous with regard to ownership of the land to the people,” he added.

As the keynote speaker, said the current Hendardji BPN have evaluated several flagship programs able to solve the question of ownership of the disputed land. “The program is one of the assets legalization program in order to maintain a strategic land use data collection through inventory and registration P4T comprehensively and systematically in order to implement land reform,” he explained. BPN claiming this program always increased from year to year.

Nationally until December 2012, BPN state has mensertifikatkan of 45,234,490 pieces of land (52.72%) of 85,803,826 pieces of land. In the year 2012 target of 1,908,283 certifying land parcels PNBP financed and funded field pure rupiah, “As for the year 2013 RI BPN will targeting disertifikatkan of 1,930,965 land parcels PNBP financed and funded by the Government,” the close.

Besides politicians present were members of the House of Representatives Commission II simultaneously, Budiman Sudjatmiko, featuring that BPN actually can not just shaped body, so that strong position should also be some sort of ministry that have a stronger bargaining position. Reforma Agraria not only can when only attendant discourse among grassroots communities alone, but must also present the executive level, even the president.

This concurs with Soepijanto Bambang statement, the Director General of Forestry Planologi, stating that the parties to a conflict often has its own interpretation on their land rights, so needed a more powerful repressive authority again. [Agw]

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