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HuMa Signed MoU with the Legal Empowerment Lebong Regency, Bengkulu


Executive Coordinator HuMa, Andiko, signed a memorandum of understanding or memorandum of understanding with Lebong Regent, Bengkulu, Rosjonsyah, on 20-21 June 2013 at the Office of the District Government Lebong, Highway Tubei, Lebong, Bengkulu.
HuMa in the memorandum of understanding that will be involved in improving the institutional, human resources, quality legal products in the sector of natural resource management and environmental Lebong district.
Rosjonsyah regents expressed appreciation to this MoU. According to him, organized on payday the basis of the spirit of cooperation to create a legal system and strengthening the existence of indigenous peoples, as well as the recognition of indigenous peoples. Regent Rosjonsyah further suggests this commitment is a good step in order to strengthen the foundation of the existence of indigenous peoples in Lebong.
This is a cooperation agreement between the parties Lebong District, which is represented by the Regent Rosjonysah, HuMa Society, paydayadvanceusca represented by Executive Director HuMa, Andiko and Association of AKAR Bengkulu, which will act as a medium for people to express needs about issues surrounding indigenous communities.

Cooperation Agreement is valid for a period of five years from the signing of the agreement. In cooperation MoU set a number of activities, such as organizing seminars, training, legal assistance, legislative drafting and preparation of local regulations, as well as community-level efforts to strengthen the law in the District Lebong

Expected within the time frame will be ez internet payday system login a lot of legal training and the output of product innovation, both in the form of local regulations and decrees regents, which will strengthen the presence of indigenous peoples.

Off from MoU Go to Seminar

MoU signing was followed by a seminar titled “Restoring Legitimacy and Enforcement of Customary Law and Institutions in the District Lebong”. The speaker was Chief Lebong Indigenous Peoples, Mr. Kadirman, who talked about the tradition monograph-Rejang Lebong customary law that has existed since the time of colonial rule. Another speaker Andi Wijaya researchers focus in South Sumatera Society, he spoke about the typology Area Bengkulu. He took the example payday loans online of some people in Pagar Alam which has aspects in determining the actual indigenous law in obtaining rights in forest management in payday loan today the region.
Andiko while at the same time as the last speaker who shut down the discussion, offensive opportunities of indigenous people post discharge No.35/PUU-X/2012 Constitutional Court. According to him, now just hope people start preparing strengthening the concept of indigenous peoples themselves. This step is important to identify a line of people’s rights. “It’s also important to minimize the national payday loan dark passenger that will utilize this momentum,” said Andiko. payday the heist ***

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