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Let’s We are doing ‘Muhasabah’ for Conflict of Natural Resources

The twelve of letters form Quran were first dropped in Mecca (From Al-‘Alaq to Al-Insyiroh) actually contains messages of the spirit in “Social Reform” does not exist in the form of observance in religious instruction. (Dr. Johan Effendi).

It turns out in the Qur’an, God sends to the people that the social reforms payday loans such as reading, problem of wealth, greed and social indifference have a theological perspective. He is not simply a matter payday loan of ethics and morals. He directly concerns to our obedience (Presentation of Eko Cahyono).

This match! Religion teaches us to care for and manage payday the earth as well as the creation of the Creator. Destructive exploitation of nature made misery must be prevented. More than hundreds of conflicts over natural resources (SDA) that occurred in Indonesia, man as caliph in managing natural resources in the face of the earth became anomaly. We need do ‘muhasabah’ think.

Muhasabah comes from the word hasiba yahsabu hisab, means ‘thorough payday calculation’. In the terminology, muhasabah is an attempt to calculate or evaluate themselves against good and evil in all our aspects of life. Both are vertical, relationship with God, or horizontally, relationships with fellow human beings.

Housed in Pesantren of Buntet, Cirebon, a group of scholars, activists, students and also the students were air-muhasabah. They elaborated themselves in the event of the National Halaqoh Fiqh of Natural Resources (SDA), with the headline “Islamic Response to Natural Resources Governance in Indonesia“. This activity was organized by the Front of Nahdliyin for the Sovereignty of Natural Resources (FNKSDA) in collaboration with the Buntet Pesantren School, Cirebon, 2 April 2015.


(Photo by: M. Izzomuddin)

It is a constant effort searching for the best scheme in the governance of natural resources in Indonesia are nowadays more worrisome because of the many natural resource-based conflicts (forest, mining, oil and gas, and water) in various regions in Indonesia (Daulat Hijau, 3 April 2015).

In the important conflict we have to think of ‘muhasabah‘, for calculate profit and loss. Evaluating the pretext of development. What if an area of land management of the exploitation of the people transformed into a mine etc. There are many fortunately or even losses that befall of the people.

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For example, in forest online payday loans instant approval management, the Indonesian government has got worst succeeded in a period of 25 years payday loan 64 million hectares of forest damage hers. This poor performance was greater than that destroyed from VOC’s that got 600,000 hectares of natural forest teak in Java and Madura for 150 years, the Romans direct lender payday loans were destroying the forests of Europe for 1000 years and Babylonia who were took 3000 years to destroyed natural forest in Mesopotamia (Historia, 2013). Inevitably presumably, if the ‘muhasabah’ think is one way or tool that can deliver humans achieve the level of perfection as a servant to God and as human payday beings in social reforms for the good among each others. ***

* Agung Wibowo

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