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Supomo and Our Generation Now

Supomo is the first professor for law stuides in Indonesia. Theoretical legacy records, his life journey, as well his treasures of sciences should be studied in the present. It is then pushed Pusat Studi Tokoh Pemikiran Hukum (Pustokum) Indonesia published a book direct payday lenders “Supomo: The payday Struggle of Integralistic State Concept”.

In surgical book entitled “Supomo: The Struggle of Integralistic State Concept, Intellectual Biography Customary Law and Constitutionalism” in the paydayadvanceusca Office of Legal Studies and Policy Center (PSHK) Monday, 23/01/2015, payday 2 mengapresisasi speakers on the publication of a book containing the thought leaders of national law , Supomo. It could be the container of the present generation to look back at the context of the times and also the lessons in order to enrich the analysis of legal thought.

Professor of the University of Padjadjaran Prof. Sunaryati Hartono said Supomo’s integralistic was different views with experts western integralistic concept like Spinoza and Hegel who tend to give priority to reducing the individualistic and togetherness. The principle of kinship and mutual aid Supomo launched at that time, now tends to be ignored in our younger generation, Prof. Sunaryati.


Former Chairman of the Constitutional Court Jimly Asshidique said our generation tends to be too quick to make decisions of law, in contrast to the long Supomo arguing with Moh. Yamin about the idea of the establishment of judicial institutions (judicial review) at the beginning of independent Indonesia. Supomo feel no need to institute such that at the beginning of Indonesian independence due consideration of the global context of the time.

Our legal system has been changed to 300% of UUD”45 in its early years, as a result of our legal reference was changed to derivatives regulation, said Jimly which is also the Council of Experts Pustokum. Jimly also payday 2 cheats encourage the generation of current law look back to the history of Indonesia as a fast growing debate over constitutional law. Contextuality that is what we can learn when they see related Supomo thought customary law that combines the global context with the local paydayloansonlinecaus.com context.

Researchers PSHK Bivitri Susanti describe historical contextuality with the term “manifest in society” which describes the fierce debate over the state of the figures contained in the minutes of Committee for Preparatory Work for Indonesian Independence (BPUPKI). Bivitri also asked for the current generation to read many figures legal thinkers in order to draw a common thread in analyzing legal policy in the future. ***

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