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Realized the Promise of Nawacita

Management area acted by Indigenous peoples/local communities showed positive points in the improvement of social welfare and ecological sustainability. However, at this time, indigenous territories have many converted into an area-based management of natural resources extractive industry. This resulted in a decrease in welfare, ecological damage, loss of biodiversity, the collapse of the joints of the local culture, and the payday express high release of greenhouse gas emissions. In such conditions, the areas that are still managed by the indigenous/local communities through traditional practices should be protected and saved. Protection and rescue of these areas should be guaranteed by law to allocate space governance which gives certain rights to tenure for the community.

Chalid Muhammad, Chairman of the Board Perkumpulan HuMa stated that, “Determination of indigenous territories / regions manage people is the 1945 constitution mandates that have been stated in the decision of the Constitutional Court No. 35 / PUU-X / 2012 concerning indigenous forests. The implementation of this decision has been the government’s political commitment Jokowi through Nawacita which requires the presence of the State and establish joint national economy of the periphery. In our opinion, the economic development of the outskirts of the village is made, indigenous, or local community as the main actor of national development. Therefore, the guarantee rights over traditional territories is the main pillar that should be a priority agenda of the Government. “

The Legal of recognition for indigenous territories, in practice, provides an opportunity to exercise their rights set out in the legal payday loans online recognition. Implementation of these rights leads to the fulfillment of the requirements is a key element increased prosperity. Civil society has initiated a proposal for the recognition models 15 indigenous territories scattered in various regions in Indonesia. Civil society organizations have a dialogue with the Government, national, and local levels, in the process to ensure the sustainability of the management of Indigenous Peoples. Furthermore, a commitment to make it happen is a must. Hasbi Berliani, Sustainable Environmental Program Manager, Partnership emphasizes the importance of commitment and support of Local Government, “The government’s target to realize the management of 12.7 million hectares to indigenous peoples and local communities is very important to respect and protection of payday the heist rights, and increase social welfare. Local payday 2 cheats Government holds a very important role in this case to initiate and establish local regulations, organize and provide guidance to indigenous peoples and local communities in the sustainable management of forest resources, along with the work program and adequate funding.”

Meanwhile, Abetnego Tarin, director of Forum for Environment (WALHI) stated that, “There are at least two initiatives into government programs in order to reform the law of natural resources and the environment. At the same time, many local governments are planning the establishment of local regulations and policies to recognize and protect the existence of indigenous territories and people management area. Unfortunately, the initiative of the two are not always coherent. “Meanwhile, civil society has been active in open dialogue and propose a roadmap in the underwriting process Indigenous Territory management / governance of welfare of the people as the fulfillment of paydayloansnearmeus.com the citizens. “Therefore, the synergy between the vertices of efforts to accelerate the establishment of indigenous/local territories is to be done to promote the welfare of the people and in the context of environmental protection. This is in accordance with the promise Nawacita and a constitutional responsibility of the Government, “he said.

Therefore, Epistema Institute, WALHI, HuMa Society, and Partnership invites the ranks of the Government and local government to be present in the National Dialogue titled, “Building Node Cooperation between the Central Government, Local Government and Civil Society in Indigenous Territory Achieve Recognition Acceleration and payday 2 wiki Expansion Manage the territory of the People “. Myrna Safitri, Director Epistema Institute revealed that “The meeting will be held in Lombok, 17 to 18 April 2015 is expected to be a forum to unite the agenda between the government, local government and civil society to accelerate the recognition of indigenous territories and the expansion of the people management area contained in the joint declaration, the Declaration of Mataram. Mataram declaration will be an important milestone in the fulfillment of the promise Nawacita commitment as a mandate of the Constitution.”***

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