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The Living Environment and Forest Cases Complaints Team is Formed

The Ministry of Living Environment and Forestry has formed the living environment and forest cases complaint team, in order to finish the urgent task and implementing of the handling of environmental and forestry complaint cases.

The team was formed on the basis of the Ministry of Living Environment and Forestry Decision number 24/Menhut-II/2015 of the 15th January 2015.

The team’s tasks are to: (1) hold and analyse the environmental and forestry cases which are submitted by the community; (2) prepare measures to handle the environmental and forest cases; (3) communicate with stake holders associated with environmental and forestry cases; (4) prepare results from work in the form of output measures, regulations, operations and case handling work plans.

This team will also involve NGOs which will act as a directing team. The involvement of NGOs is needed to further ensure that the status of complaints and resolutions further emphasise the importance of community and the environment. There are many NGO members which include among other, HuMa, Walhi, AMAN, Sajogyo Institute, Ecosoc, Epistema Institute, Green Peace Indonesia, and PH & H Public Policy Interest Group.

See further information on this page: http://setkab.go.id/kementerian-lhk-bentuk-tim-pengaduan-kasus-kasus-lingkungan-hidup-dan-kehutanan/

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